3 Ways For How To Warm A Baby Bottle Safely And Quickly

Imagine it’s four in the morning. Your baby is starting to whimper a little because they’re hungry and you roll out of bed half awake. You have T-Minus a few minutes before this precious little baby is crying so loud the neighbors can hear it.

Once you’ve gathered your little one up in your arms and made it to the kitchen, the question is – do you give them a bottle straight from the refrigerator cold or do you warm it up? Although some babies prefer cold milk, others refuse it unless it’s warmed.

The ideal temperature for your baby’s milk is at or just below body temperature which is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. But before you go grabbing a thermometer, there’s a little trick for testing the temperature of milk that’s way easier. It’s called the wrist test.

Parents have been using the wrist test for as long as anyone can remember. All you have to do is put a drop or two on the inside of your wrist. If it’s still too cold, then warm it up a little more – if it’s too hot, well, you’ll just have to wait until it cools down. Not the most ideal at four in the morning when your baby is belting out blood-curdling screams and you can hardly keep your eyes open.

So how do you do make sure you get the perfect temperature the first time around and get it warmed up quickly?

Bottle Warming Tips:

On The Store –

This one will require a little juggling with a baby in your arms. Fill a pot with water that’s at least the same height of the milk in the bottle. Warm the water first on your stovetop being careful not to let it boil. Then place the bottle in the warmed water until the milk reaches body temperature. This is where the wrist test comes in. You’ll have to test several times until the bottle is at the right temperature which all too often this method results in over warming. As you can guess this isn’t the fastest method.

Under The Faucet –

Warm up the bottle by holding it under warm to hot running water. Make sure to rotate the bottle so you can try to heat it evenly throughout. Yes, this method too can take a while, and even rotating the bottle doesn’t produce the most even temperature. Not to mention warming several bottles a day is a lot of running water going down the drain.

Use A Mixer And Warmer –

You can go, the really quick and easy route and use a device that mixes the formula and warms it too. Yes, there are bottle warmers designed specifically for warming but that’s all they do. Not much help when you still have to do all the mixing before you even get to the warming it up part. And when you’re trying to balance a baby in your arms who’s growing more impatient by the minute, you just have to hope you can get it mixed up correctly. No clumps of unmixed formula and no air bubbles. Okay, that’s a lot you have to do and worry about.

But, when you can combine perfect mixing and warming to the ideal temperature in one device, it makes your life a lot easier. Our very own

MagiStir Mixer and Warmer does both, and it sterilizes too. It warms milk to the ideal temperature in only 90 seconds. You can’t get any easier or faster than that. And let’s get real here – when your baby is desperately crying and you’re beyond exhausted “fast” is the only thing that matters at that moment.

Let’s talk about microwaves for a minute. Are they safe for warming a baby bottle? Well, the American Academy of Pediatrics specifically says microwaves are not safe for warming a bottle​​That’s because while the bottle itself might feel cool to the touch after microwaving it, the liquid inside can actually be really hot. Microwaves are also notorious for uneven heating.

Getting your baby fed quickly is important. No one can deny how nice the quiet is once your baby latches onto that bottle and the crying stops. Especially at four in the morning.

Two of the options for how to warm a baby bottle aren’t exactly the fastest that’s why you should consider the MagiStir Mixer and Warmer and give yourself the gift of bottle preparation that’s super quick and easy. Click below and learn more about how you can go from juggling pots over a hot stove to mixing and warming your baby’s bottle in 90 seconds – no stove required.