Difficult To Mix Hypoallergenic Baby Formula: What You Need To Know

Difficult To Mix Hypoallergenic Baby Formula: What You Need To Know

There are times when hypoallergenic baby formula is recommended for babies due to food allergies or severe acid reflux. It’s better for their digestive system and helps with colic and other stomach issues. But for parents who like the convenience and speed of using a baby formula mixer, not all devices measure up for mixing hypoallergenic formulas.

Many parents have complained about some mixers on the market not mixing these types of formulas properly resulting in having to use other mixing methods like shaking or stirring. Not ideal when you have a hungry baby who’s growing more impatient by the minute.

We reached out to one mom to get her honest review of the MagiStir 4 in 1 Mixer and Warmer specifically for mixing the notoriously difficult to mix hypoallergenic formulas.

In her video, new mom Isabelle shows how MagiStir did at mixing a hypoallergenic formula over another popular mixing device she had purchased. We were curious how MagiStir stacked up against the other brands, and the results? Well, MagiStir outshined the competition and was far superior for mixing hypoallergenic formulas. Watch the video for yourself.

Isabelle gave the MagiStir 4 in 1 Mixer and Warmer a thumbs up because it works. It worked at properly mixing the hypoallergenic formula where the other brand had failed.

Whether you’re using a hypoallergenic formula because your baby requires it or as a personal choice, getting it mixed properly can be a challenge. When you want the convenience and speed of a formula mixer, choosing one that does it right the first time is imperative to getting your baby fed quickly and without added steps. The MagiStir gets it done, and It warms the formula to the perfect temperature too, all in one step. And did we mention it’s a sterilizer too?

Visit our website to learn more about the MagiStir 4 in 1 Mixer and Warmer because the last thing you need to deal with when your baby is crying and hungry is clumps in your formula.