Proven Benefits Of Formula Feeding Your Baby

The choice to formula feed, is a choice all parents should be able to make for themselves without fear of being judged.

You don’t have to justify or defend your choice because formula is a healthy alternative and science proves that.

It’s easy to be left feeling guilty for choosing to use formula when breastfeeding is so often promoted as not only the best method for feeding your baby, but far superior to formula feeding. But this just isn’t true.

Science shows that the gap between breastfeeding and formula feeding isn’t all that wide. But studies and statistics aside, there are valid and very personal reasons many mothers choose formula feeding over breastfeeding.

Some women are not able to produce enough breast milk while others experience pain and discomfort.

Here are eight benefits of formula feeding that will put your mind at ease and help you feel more confident about your decision.

#1: It’s filled with all the important nutrients.

No need to worry about giving your baby extra vitamins when using formula as doctors sometimes suggest for breastfed babies. Formula is actually fortified with the recommended amounts of iron and vitamin D, in accordance with food and drug regulations.

#2: You know exactly how many calories your baby is taking in.

Nutritional information is listed on all baby formula containers so you can monitor how many calories and other nutrients your baby is consuming.

Some breastfed babies will lose weight if the mother experiences difficulties with nursing such as the inability to produce enough breast milk.
This isn’t a concern when using formula because you know the exact calorie count and are assured your baby is receiving all the nutrients they need.

#3: It comes in dairy-free and soy-free versions.

If your baby has an intolerance to dairy or a soy-allergy, you have to adhere to a strict diet which requires extensive tracking of your food intake.

For moms who are unable to do that or babies who can’t tolerate breast milk at all, formula is a lifesaver.
Formula can be processed in a way that helps babies avoid allergic reactions and moms can avoid the stress of worrying about the food they are eating.

#4: Your baby may stay fuller longer.

Formula takes longer to digest than breast milk. This means your baby may feel full for a longer period, which increases the times in between feedings.

The more time between feedings – the more time moms have to rest and spend time with other family members.

#5: There’s no pain.

Having a baby who’s nursing a dozen or more times a day can make your nipples very sore. For some the pain is more than they can tolerate. Whether your baby is a biter or your breasts become engorged, breastfeeding can be painful.

Formula feeding doesn’t cause the discomfort or pain as breastfeeding does and provides a much more calm pain-free feeding experience.

#6: Formula feeding allows you to take medication without worry.

For many women who require a cesarean section for delivery, a doctor often times prescribes pain medication that is considered safe to take while nursing, but many mothers are still hesitant to take the medication for fear it could harm their baby.

For mothers who are breastfeeding and need to take other prescription or over-the-counter medications a doctor must be consulted first because many medications could also be harmful to a baby.
Formula feeding allows you to care of yourself and take any medication you may need. You can feed your baby without worrying that they are ingesting something that could be harmful to them.

#7: Formula feeding makes life easier for working moms.

The time required to pump makes getting out the door every morning a much longer process. It means getting up even earlier to pump, then packing it all up along with a cooler, an ice pack and various other necessities. It can be exhausting even with the support from family and your employer.

For moms who don’t have time or want the added stress or inconvenience, formula feeding eliminates the need for major adjustments to their schedules.

#8: Fathers can also feed.

These long-standing myths about baby formula are just that – myths. Every mother deserves to have accurate information for making the right choice for her and her baby.
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The decision between breastfeeding and formula feeding is a personal choice, and it’s your choice and your choice alone. No parent should have to make this choice out of fear because of societal pressure or misinformation about the safety or benefits of formula.

It’s a healthy alternative you can have confidence choosing as your preferred feeding method.

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